Ocean Breeze Kits Misting System

DIG’s OCEAN BREEZE® low-flow fogger outdoor misting systems are used through the hot summer months for cooling around patios, pools areas and animal areas. The OCEAN BREEZE® misting systems are nontoxic and operate at pressures normally found in homes, without the need for expensive pumps. By increasing the moisture content of the surrounding air, the OCEAN BREEZE® Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems can dramatically reduce the air temperature. The hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable the cooling effect. The low-flow misting heads are available with flow rates of.8 GPH to 1 GPH with micro sized droplets to maximize the cooling effect. To create your own microclimate, simply attach an Ocean Breeze® system to any convenient faucet. Turn on the water and enjoy the cooling comfort of an Ocean Breeze.