Quality produce.
Innovative technology.

The irrigation you need, to deliver the produce your customers deserve. Micro sprinkler, foggers, sprayers, drippers; all manufactured for agricultural applications to ensure trouble-free operation.

Pressure Compensating Dripline

EXCEL™ PCD dual outlet, Pressure compensating dripline available in various wall thicknesses, flow rates and spacing for an efficient and uniformed irrigation system. The dripline dual outlets for each emitter, assuring drip emitters redundancy when one outlet is blocked, supporting continuous discharge along the line.

Foggers, Drippers
& Sprinklers

Designed for use in greenhouses, hothouses, nurseries and fruit trees, DIG’s foggers, PC drippers and micro sprinklers offer durable and trouble-free operation. Installed above ground with antileak or without for cooling, pots production and seedlings, resulting in higher value crops, water savings, improved plant production and quality.

Distribution tubing

Made of high quality vinyl material
or a variety of applications

Available in a wide range of sizes and coil lengths.

Excellent clogging resistance and long term optimal performance.

DIG extrudes its polyethylene tubing at the Vista manufacturing facility, producing over 100 million feet each year. A minimum of 2% carbon black is added to ensure maximum UV protection.

DIG’s Excel PC Dripline comes in lengths of 1000’ and 1300’ (300 m and 40 m), and dripper spacings of 12”, 18”, 24”, and 30” (30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, and 75 cm).