Drip & Micro Sprinklers Kits

Whether planting a vegetable garden, decorating a patio with flowery potted plants, maintaining a hill with shrubs, groundcovers or roses, adding new trees, or simply keeping flowerbeds hydrated and healthy, DIG offers a wide range of drip irrigation and micro sprinkler kits to suit every garden’s watering needs. Complete, adaptable and expandable, our drip irrigation watering kits are easy to install and make even the newest gardener feel like a pro. They are a good introduction to a low-volume drip irrigation system installation and a great way to start saving water. Containing all the necessary parts to get a drip irrigation project started from a faucet, 1/2″ riser, 3/4″ pipe, or from the end of a garden hose, DIG’s drip kits are a perfect fit for installing your own drip irrigation system.