PB750 Large Pet Cooling Kit


PB750 Large Pet Cooling Kit

PB750 Large Pet Cooling Kit

DIG’s Ocean Breeze® Outdoor Evaporative Mist Pet Cooling Kit is ideal for use through the hot summer months to cool stables, corrals, barns, hog houses and chicken coops, providing a cooler environment for the animals. It can reduce the air temperature by up to 20°; the hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable the cooling effect as the mist will evaporate instantly leaving no standing water. The expandable kit contains 50’ of 3/8” beige poly pipe, 10 .8-GPH foggers and all the other components needed to install the system.


  • Significantly reduces air temperature
  • Water evaporates instantly; no muddy accumulation
  • Provides micro-sized droplets to maximize the cooling and humidifying effect
  • Enough line for a 50’ run to cover 100 sq ft; easily expandable
  • Contains 10 .8-GPH foggers with barbs
  • Three-part foggers; easy to open and clean
  • Easily expandable up to 400 sq ft using additional misting foggers and misting-line pipe
  • Made with UV-resistant, durable plastic material to protect the system from thermal degradation


How to Order
PB750 Large Pet Cooling Kit


  • Operating pressure: 40 to 80 PSI
  • Fogger flow rate: .8 GPH @ 50 PSI
  • Recommended spacing for best cooling effect: every 3' to 4'
  • Recommended installation height: 8' to 12' above ground
  • Covers up to 100 sq ft; expandable up to 400 sq ft
  • Misting line pipe length: 50'
  • Misting line pipe diameter: 3/8" in beige color

Box Contents

qty description
10 0.8 GPH misting nozzles
1 50' 3/8" misting line
1 faucet connector
1 screen
15 "C" clamps
1 line connector
1 line end
1 Installation instructions


The BC380 Ocean Breeze™ Evaporative Mist Pet Cooling Kit operates at the pressure normally found in homes, without the need for expensive pumps, creating micro-sized water droplets to maximize the cooling effect. By increasing the moisture content of the surrounding air, the kit can dramatically reduce the air temperature.

Start the kit from a faucet or garden hose

To create your own microclimate, follow these step-by-step instructions, then sit back and enjoy the cooling comfort of an Ocean Breeze®.

  1. Place the screen inside the 3/4″ swivel faucet connector and attach it to the water source. If water quality is a concern, we highly recommend using a fine mesh 3/4″ filter (model D57A), not included with this kit.
  2. Insert the end of the misting-line pipe into the faucet connector for about 1/2″ to 5/8″ by pushing and wiggling the pipe inward and applying some force.
  3. Lay out the misting line pipe at a height of 8′ to 12′ above the area and use the “C” clamps included in the kit every 2′ to 3′, securing the misting-line pipe to the structure.
  4. At the location where the first fogger is to be placed, use the punch tool to create a hole in the misting line pipe at a 90° to 120° angle to the ground.
  5. Insert the barbed end of the fogger into the hole. Continue using the same method to install each of the remaining foggers.
  6. Turn the water on to flush the line and then use the misting-line end to close the end of the misting-line pipe.
  7. Turn the water on again and test the system, making sure that each fogger is operating correctly.
  8. To automate this kit, install a misting timer that can operate for a limited time through the day and includes a short cycle.