Living Wall™ Vertical Garden

DIG’s Living Wall™ vertical garden is a modular set of specialized containers and accompanying accessories that allows the user to create a vertical green wall. DIG’s Living Wall™ vertical garden can be affixed to any wall structure to transform the space into a green, growing environment. This modular garden can be fitted to any sized structure by attaching wall mounting brackets that can be secured to each other. DIG’s new Living Wall™ is designed to make a vertical garden easy to set up, expand and maintain on balconies, patios, indoor or outdoor walls, and fences.

DIG’s Living Wall™ vertical garden enables you to grow a diversity of plants including herb or vegetable gardens, annuals, perennials, a collection of plants with striking patterns and colors as a welcoming entry statement for your home, or a selection of your favorite plants to beautify indoor spaces or patio area.