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Ocean Breeze misting system fittings and accessories includes a full line component to fine tune, modify, expand, repairs or customized your patio or pool area misting system. Made of high quality material in beige color to blend into structure for a clean and aesthetic installation. This complete line of misting parts and accessories including filters, ¾” adapters, connectors and c-clamps can allow you to expand and optimize our misting kits for a wide range of cooling applications.


  • Mist cooling and humidifying
  • Highly functional misting parts to optimize the performance of your misting system
  • One-piece construction
  • Secure and easy installation without glue or clamps
  • Create a fully functional DIY misting system using ¼” or 3/8” flexible pipe line
  • Made of high-impact, high-strength, UV-resistant plastic for durability and long life
  • Large inside diameter for maximum flow


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Model Description Image
OB19 Screen Filter
Removes impurities from your water to protect and prevent the small orifices of the misters from becoming clogged. (200 Micron)
OB20 Punch
To make holes in 3/8" misting line to insert misting nozzles
1/4 in. components
OB11 1/4 in. Faucet Connector
Connects 1/4" misting line to faucet
OB12 1/4 in. Line Tees
Create a three way layout of 1/4" misting line
OB13 1/4 in. Line Ends
Closes end of 1/4" misting line
OB14 1/4 in. Line Connector
Connects two pieces of 1/4" misting line
OB09 1/4 in. in.C in. Clamps
Secures 1/4" misting line to structure
3/8 in. components
OB10 3/8 in. in.C in. Clamps
Secures 3/8" misting line to structure
OB18 3/8 in. Line End
Closes end of 3/8" misting line
OB21 3/8 in. Tee
Connects two pieces of 3/8" misting line
OB22 3/8 in. Elbow
Closes end of 3/8" misting line
OB15 3/8 in. Faucet Connector
Connects 3/8" misting line to faucet
OB17 3/8 in. Line Connector
Connects two pieces of 3/8" misting line

Products specifications

*Operating pressure: up to 80 PSI
* Color: beige
* Material: high impact plastic
* Fittings size: ¼” and 3/8”

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