Filter/Pressure Regulator


Filter/Pressure Regulator

Filter/Pressure Regulator

DIG’s D54 two-in-one Filter/Pressure Regulator assembly combines a 150 mesh stainless steel filter with a 25 PSI pressure regulator, reducing the number of components needed to start a drip irrigation installation, making it smaller, more dependable and easier to install. The heavy duty filter/pressure regulator’s compact design fits in smaller sized areas while supporting reliable operation and easy maintenance of a drip irrigation zone. Install the 150-mesh filter built in with 25 PSI pressure regulator upstream of the control valves or after the solenoid valve and that the unit should not be operating under a static pressure. Make sure to use 3 to 5 rounds of Teflon tape on all male threads before installation.


  • Combination of two units in one helps make installation easier and faster
  • All-purpose screen filter with built in 25 PSI pressure regulator for use in drip irrigation or micro sprinkler systems
  • Reduces incoming water pressure to the ideal working pressure for a drip system
  • Stainless screen has excellent resistance to most common chemicals
  • Easy maintenance – the screen can be removed from the filter for easy cleaning
  • Large filter cover with sealing O-ring provides access to the filter screen
  • Heavy duty glass-filled polypropylene body provides reliable operation under a wide range of pressures
  • A 25 PSI pressure regulator is integrated into the filter body
  • Can be installed to any AC or DC valve
  • One-piece construction – combines a 150 mesh filter and a 25 PSI pressure regulator
  • Provides simple conversion of an AC/DC valve into a drip zone
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions for years of reliable service


How to Order
D54 Filter/Pressure Regulator


  • Operating pressure: up to 120 PSI
  • Flow rates: up to 6 GPM
  • Pressure regulating range: preset to 25 PSI
  • Screen: stainless steel 150 mesh
  • Temperature range: up to 130°F
  • Inlet and outlet size: 3/4" MNPT
  • Material:
    • Body: glass-filled polypropylene
    • Screen: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 4 1/4" H

About the filter built in with 25 PSI pressure regulator

The two-in-one Filter/Pressure Regulator is a critical part of drip irrigation systems where clean water and proper operating pressure are recommended. The cause of most drip irrigation system failures is either high pressure or clogged drip emitters; therefore, a screen filter and a pressure regulator are the most important components in the micro irrigation system. This Filter/Pressure Regulator provides the user with a single unit to both keep the water clean and lower the pressure to 25 PSI.

The screen filter is a simple and economical device for protecting a drip irrigation system from clogging. Periodically, the filter screen needs to be cleaned by opening the filter cover, removing the screen and rinsing the screen under water.

The built in preset filter/pressure regulator is used to reduce and regulate the incoming pressure of the household’s water entering a drip irrigation or micro sprinkler system to the appropriate operating pressure range of 25 PSI, which is within the range of recommended operating pressures for a micro irrigation system.

Installation suggestions

The starting point of connection to the water supply can be an AC valve or anti-siphon valve


Install the built in 150-mesh filter with 25 PSI pressure regulator upstream of the control valves or after the solenoid valve and make sure that the unit will not be under constant static pressure. Please use 4 to 6 rounds of Teflon tape on all male threads before installation.

  1. If the installation starts from a PVC pipe, shut off the main water supply.
  2. We recommend installing a 3/4” ball valve or gate valve before the AC or DC valve. This ball valve can be very useful as an emergency backup to turn the system off. This type of arrangement is used by professional installers.
  3. Turn the water supply on and flush the line, then shut the water supply off again using the new ball valve or gate valve.
  4. Install an AC valve or battery operated controller with valve, inline valve or anti-siphon valve.
  5. Turn the water supply on again to pressurize the system. The valve will open momentarily and then will shut off.
  6. To the outlet of the valve, install the 3/4” two-in-one Filter/Pressure Regulator (model D54). This filter/pressure regulator can protect the drip system from clogging and also will lower the incoming system pressure to the suggested operating pressure of 25 PSI.
  7. Attach a 3/4″ swivel adapter (part # 50001) to the drip tubing and connect the swivel side into the filter/pressure regulator. if a PVC pipe is use as the mainline, attach to filter/pressure regulator a 3/4” PVC female threaded x slip adapter and glue the PVC pipe.
  8. Test the valve using the manual bleed. Check the system for leaks.