DB250 Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket

The DIG DB250 Drip Irrigation Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket is fully loaded with 162 pieces of drip irrigation components used to repair, expand or maintain your drip irrigation system. It contains all the essential 1/4" fittings, PC ddrip emitters, stakes and 1/4" micro tubing to help keep your existing drip system maintained and operating at peak efficiency. All frequently used parts as well as a 1/4" punch tool are included in the convenient, easy-to-carry bucket, which can also be used to store all of your drip parts in one place.

This kit features our versatile, color-coded, pressure-compensating drip emitters in three flow rates (1, 2, and 4 GPH) to efficiently repair, add to or modify your exiting drip system. The kit is economically priced well below the cost of the individual parts combined.


  • Replace or repair drippers, micro tubing and small sized connections
  • Fully loaded with 162 pieces to repair, expand or maintain drip irrigation systems
  • Forty pressure-compensating drippers in 1, 2 and 4 GPH
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  • No special tools or glue are needed
  • Saves money by significantly lowering the cost of system components
  • DIG's drip irrigation products may be exempt from residential and commercial watering restrictions (check with local water provider)
  • Includes our free Drip Irrigation Guide for installing a drip system


DB250 Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket
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Model Description
DB250 Drip Irrigation Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket
162 pieces to repair, expand, or maintain drip irrigation systems

* Maximum recommended flow using the 1⁄4" distribution tubing: 12 GPH
* Premium micro tubing (poly) length: 250' with .170 ID x .250 OD
* PC drip emitter flow rates and color code:
* 1 GPH (4 L/H) color code – black
* 2 GPH (8 L/H) color code – green
* 4 GPH (12 L/H) color code – red
* PC drip emitter operating pressure: 10-45 PSI
* Total number of components: 162
* UPC code: 840620100236

Box Contents
qty description
1 250' of 1/4" poly distribution tubing with .170 ID x .250 OD
20 1 GPH PC drip emitters (black)
20 goof plugs strip of 2
10 2 GPH PC drip emitters (green)
25 1/4" barbed connectors
10 4 GPH PC drip emitters (red)
10 1/4" barbed elbows
25 1/4" barbed tees
40 1/4" V stakes
1 hole punch

how to use

DB250 Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket


The DB250 Drip Irrigation Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket is used to keep your drip irrigation system maintained and under control year after year. The bucket includes 250' of 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4" fittings and other 1/4" accessories for any repair or expansion of a drip system. It also includes 40 PC drip emitters that can be used in a wide range of layouts to accommodate most garden watering requirements. The drip emitters can be used to replace or add drip irrigation to additional, individual plants within the layout. This kit includes the most common parts needed for maintenance and repair of a drip system.

Installation and Replacement Suggestions:

  • To replace drippers attached to the drip tubing: Remove the dripper currently being used, and plug the hole with the large side of the goof plug (included). Punch a new hole using the punch (included) and insert the new dripper (included).
  • To replace drippers attached to the micro tubing: Remove the current dripper, or cut the micro tubing and insert the new dripper into the end of the micro tubing.

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