Adjustable Mini-Bubbler


Adjustable Mini-Bubbler

Adjustable Mini-Bubbler

The DIG Adjustable Mini-Bubbler, featuring an umbrella pattern, is now offered with the choice of a 6 in. spike or ¼ in. barb, providing versatile options for your irrigation needs. This miniaturized yet powerful device boasts an adjustable flow mechanism, allowing you to control the water output with precision. The 360° gentle stream pattern ensures thorough coverage.

With a flow capacity of up to 31.5 gallons per hour (GPH) and an impressive diameter of 3.3 feet at 30 PSI, the Adjustable Mini-Bubbler is designed to meet the demands of your landscaping projects. Its rotating cap adds an extra layer of convenience, enabling simultaneous management of both flow and coverage.

Ideal for irrigating groundcovers, shrubs, and the areas beneath small tree canopies, this innovative tool, available on a spike or barb, offers a practical solution where traditional sprinklers may prove impractical. Elevate your watering efficiency with the Adjustable Mini-Bubbler and ensure your green spaces receive the care they deserve.



  • Available in a 360° umbrella pattern for individual plants or closely spaced plantings
  • Ideal for roses, shrubs, small trees, and planter boxes
  • Rotation of the cap allows for an adjustment of flow and coverage down to a complete shut-off
  • Produces a uniform umbrella pattern that gently applies water to the root zone of the plant
  • Available on 6 in. spike and extra barb or with ¼ in. barb only for the micro tubing
  • Can be extended with 1/4 in. micro tubing or connected into 1/2 in. drip tubing
  • Trouble-free operation with no moving parts
  • Removable cap for easy cleaning
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material


How to Order
BUS5B Adjustable Mini-Bubbler on Spike (5-Pack)
BUB360PRO Adjustable Mini-Bubbler on Barb (100-Pack)
BUS360PRO Adjustable Mini-Bubbler on Spike (25-Pack)


  • Operating pressure range: 15 to 30 PSI
  • Recommended operating pressure: 25 PSI (use with model D46 25-PSI pressure regulator)
  • Flow rate: 0 to 32 GPH with approximately 18 clicks
  • Pattern: 360° umbrella pattern
  • Wetting area: 0 to 3.3'
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 120 mesh
  • Recommended spacing: one per plant
  • Material: polypropylene

Adjustable flow rate and diameter

Pressure Drip Flow rate diameter
PSI bubblers base GPH 360° umbrella pattern
15 Black 0-22.7 0-1.6'
20 Black 0-25.8 0-2.4'
25 Black 0-28.6 0-2.9'
30 Black 0-32.0 0-3.3'
*Coverage is based on 5 in. above ground

Maximum number of Adjustable Mini-Bubblers on 1/2" drip tubing with .600 ID

Spacing 2' 3' 4' 5' 6'
Flow rate @ 25 PSI 28.6 28.6 28.6 28.6 28.6
Maximum length 22' 33' 40' 45' 54'
Flow rate in GPM 5.24 5.24 4.77 4.29 4.29
Flow rate in GPH 314.6 314.6 286 257.4 257.4
# of adjustable stream bubblers 11 11 10 9 9
Head loss in PSI 2.7 4.1 4.2 3.9 4.7
Velocity (f/s) 5.94 5.95 5.42 4.87 4.87
24 in. micro tubing head loss in PSI 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4
Total head loss at the bubbler 4.1 5.5 5.6 5.3 6.1
**This information is based on cap completely open to the maximum flow
  • Adjustable Mini-Bubbler

About the Adjustable Bubbler on Stake

The Adjustable Bubbler on Spike is available with a full circle umbrella pattern and includes a rotating cap that allows the adjustment of flow from 0 to 32 GPH at 15 to 30 PSI, using approximately 18 clicks for full flow and diameter. The notch action between the adjustable cap and the base allows a decrease or increase of the wetting area from 0 to 3.3′. Each bubbler comes in a one-piece construction that includes a 6” spike with barb, rotating cap and an additional 1/4″ barb to connect the micro tubing to the drip tubing. Use the bubbler where overhead watering is suggested on any type of planting, including shrubs, individual trees along the poly tubing or for planter boxes and large pots.

Installation suggestions

Basic installation recommendations for this product include first reviewing the area and then making a drawing of the garden or site with your preferred layout.
If automation is required, use one of DIG’s hose end timers or battery operated controllers. The ideal controller should have flexible scheduling and two to four start times per day for added flexibility.

Product installation

  1. Using the drip tubing as the main lateral or as a sub lateral, lay out the drip tubing per your layout drawing. Secure the drip tubing to the ground using spikes (model R60). Use the spike holders to secure the drip tubing to the ground in key areas and add more spikes as you unroll the drip tubing. Add spikes every 20′-30’ and at the end of each section, or as needed. An extra 1% of drip tubing length should be added to each lateral to compensate for contraction at low temperature.
  2. Throughout the installation and per your drawing layout, add, if needed, 1/2” fittings, such as tees (model C35) and elbows (model C36), leaving the end of the drip tubing open. To install the 1/2″ compression drip fittings, cut the drip tubing with a hand pruner, being careful to keep dirt from entering the line. Hold the fitting in one hand and the drip tubing in the other and force the drip tubing into the compression fitting by wiggling it from side to side.
  3. The adjustable bubbler on spike is installed along the drip tubing at varying or at specific intervals. The distribution uniformity of water from the adjustable bubbler along the line depends on the incoming pressure, number of micro sprayers used per lateral and the length of the laterals. Special care should be taken to ensure high uniformity of water along the laterals by not exceeding the product recommendations (see chart).
  4. To install the adjustable bubbler, cut a two to four foot piece (do not exceed four feet) of 1/4” micro tubing (vinyl – models B38 for 50’ and B38100 for 100’, or poly – models B38P for 50’ and B38100B for 100’). To the micro tubing end, insert the extra barb included with the bubbler or a 1/4” barb (models H80A for pack of 10 and H80B for pack of 50). To the other end of the micro tubing, insert the adjustable bubbler’s barbed side and insert the spike into the ground, keeping the bubbler’s head at a minimum of four to five inches above ground for best coverage. Punch a hole into the drip tubing using the small punch (model D44) or the gun punch (model 16-035), and snap the 1/4” barb at the end of the micro tubing into the drip tubing.
  5. Turn the water on and flush the line.
  6. Close the end of the drip tubing using the hose end (model Q58) or figure “8” (model F68B).
  7. Pressure-test the system to identify leaks in the drip tubing laterals, fittings, and micro tubing and then program the hose end timer or battery operated controller.