DIG has commenced shipping of the #GLW08, a complete vertical garden system that includes 8 innovative containers and mounting brackets, and a high tech, low-volume drip irrigation system that can be connected to a garden faucet or sprinkler riser. The modular system (designed for do-it yourselfers), is easy to install and maintain, and can be set-up on walls, patios, courtyards, entryways and balconies. The kit features 4 large and 4 small containers with built in reservoirs, and 8 durable interlocking wall mounting brackets, which allow the containers to be placed, removed, and re-hung quickly and easily. The included drip irrigation system features eight accurate, ultra-low flow drip emitters with built in check valve to reduce drainage, and eight 6″ drip stakes which deliver the water directly to the root zone of each plant.

The kits are well thought out, and can be easily expanded if necessary. “I think everyone will enjoy installing these kits”, says Stuart Spaulding, CLIA, DIG Customer Service Manager. “The interlocking brackets make it easy to be creative, and to customize the layout for a variety of different spaces. This is an excellent kit for producing fresh herbs or micro-greens, especially for those who may have only small areas to grow.”
The kit includes ¼” and 1/8″ micro-tubing, and all the fittings to install a complete system, but the brackets will hold ½” poly tubing if desired.
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