How do I change the program on a LEIT 4000, X and XRC if I don't know the password?

The factory default password is AAA. If the Incorrect Password! screen still appears after entering AAA, and the existing password is not known, a secondary back door password can be obtained from DIG Corp. Technical Services. You will need to provide the controllers’ serial number, which is printed on the label next to the terminal strip inside the controller.

How do I open the controller LEIT 4000, X and XRC door if I don't have a key to the lock?

All LEIT X and 4000 controllers use a CH 751 key, which is a common key in the irrigation industry and the same as a Rain Bird™ key. The keys can be obtained at most commercial irrigation dealers.

Why is the display still blank after inserting the LEIT Key in the socket?

The most common cause is a dead or weak 9V battery in the LEIT Key, and/or the LEIT Key is not pushed all the way in the socket. The output of the LEIT Key should be no lower than 8 volts DC. A new LEIT controller just out of the box may take up to 5 minutes before showing Press YES When Most Readable on the display. An existing, previously installed LEIT controller should show Press YES When Most Readable on the display immediately upon inserting the LEIT Key.

How do I select between English or Spanish for the displayed language?

Insert the LEIT Key into the socket and do not press any buttons. To select English, wait until the display shows “Press YES When Most Readable”, then press the YES button when the text is brightest. To select Spanish, wait until the display shows “Cuando Lea Mejor Presione YES”, then press the YES button when the text is brightest. From this point on the selected language will remain the same.

Does DIG Corporation still sells the LEMA 1500 series actuators?

No “Due to several improvements in the LEIT controllers we have discontinued the 1500 series. The LEMA 1600 HE actuators should be utilized on all new LEIT controllers installations.”

Does DIG Corp. still sells the LEIT 4012E or 4016E controllers?

No, these two (expansion) controllers have been discontinued. If a twelve or sixteen station LEIT controller is needed, select either a LEIT X12 or LEIT X16 model instead.

Are the LEMA 1600HE actuators compatible with a LEIT 4012E or 4016E?

No, these “expansion” controllers must use the LEMA 1500S and LEMA 1500E series actuators. (“S” types on the first half of the stations; “E” types on second half of stations).

Are the LEMA 1600HE actuators compatible with the LEIT 4004, 4006, & 4008 models?

Yes, but only if the software is version 0.79 or later, or if not all stations are used. Please call DIG Corp. technical service for more info.

Why is water leaking externally around the LEMA adapter?

The could be caused by one or more of the following…

  • Static mainline pressure above 150 PSI.
  • Mainline pressure surges above 150 PSI.
  • Damaged or missing “O”-ring on adapter
  • Adapter is over or under tightened
  • Wrong adapter for valve
  • Cross-threaded or damaged adapter
  • Damaged female threads on valve bonnet
  • Incompatible valve

How can I test a LEMA Actuator?

Using a 9-volt battery to test LEMA Actuators: Hold the red wire from the actuator on the positive (+) battery terminal, and the white wire on the negative (-) terminal, and listen for the plunger to “click”. If it does not, wait 30 seconds, then reverse the polarity (hold red wire to the negative terminal and white wire to positive), and test it again. If the actuator does not “click” with either battery test, it will not function with a LEIT controller.

Can I test a LEIT controller with an Ohmmeter?

No, LEIT controllers’ voltage output is not continuous 24VAC, but low-voltage DC pulses, so standard multi-meters will read zero voltage, even when a valve is open. A simple way to test a LEIT controller is to connect the leads from a functioning LEMA actuator directly to the terminal strip, (white to common terminal, red to any station terminal) and then initiate a 1-minute temp manual run on the station the actuator is connected to. Verify that the actuator “clicks” (plunger retracts), and then “clicks” again after one minute (plunger extends). If it does not, the problem is with the controller.

Can I test the wires with an Ohmmeter?

Yes, you can measure the resistance in a station wire with a standard volt-Ohmmeter. To do so, you must first disconnect the hot and common wires from the actuator, and splice them together at the valve, then check the resistance at the controller. If the actuator wires are left connected, the readings on the meter will change continuously due to the capacitors in the actuator. Wires tested in this manner should have a reading not over 8 ohms.

Can I connect a flow sensor to LEIT controllers?

No, not at the time of this printing, however DIG Corp. is developing the technology and software to make LEIT XRC-ETF controllers capable of sensing flow, (and overflow). In the near future, when overflow conditions are detected, LEIT controllers will be capable of closing not just master valves, but individual station valves as well.

Can LEIT controllers be operated by remote control?

Yes, the LEIT XRC series controllers can be programmed and operated by using the LEIT Link Multi-Pro Remote or LEIT Link Master remote handsets. LEIT 4000 series controllers are not capable of remote control. Only the LEIT Link Multi Pro or LEIT Link Master handsets are compatible with LEIT XRC series controllers.

Can a LEIT controller have ET?

No, not at the time of this printing, however DIG Corporation is developing the technology and software to make LEIT XRC-ETF controllers with ET and sensing flow capability, this controller we be in the market at the of this year

What is the Warranty on a LEIT controller?

DIG Corp. warrants to its customers who have purchased LEIT products, from an authorized DIG distributor, that its products will be free from original defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years, from the date of original purchase. If any apparent defect arises under normal use and service in the LEIT product within the warranty period, DIG at its sole discretion, shall have the option to repair or replace part or all of the original product free of charge after return of such product at user expense, authorized in writing by DIG Corp. If a product is replaced, the replacement product will be covered for the remainder of the warranty period dating from the original purchase. This warranty applies only to the DIG LEIT product line, which are installed as specified and used for irrigation purposes. This warranty applies only to products, which have not been altered, modified, damaged, misused or misapplied. This warranty does not cover products adversely affected by the system into which the products are incorporated, including improperly designed, installed, operated, or maintained systems. This warranty does not apply to blockage of solenoids due to use of water containing corrosive chemicals, electrolytes, sand, dirt, silt, rust, scale, algae, bacterial slime or other organic contaminants. Tampering with a product (including, but not limited to attempting to disassembly) will void any warranty the product might otherwise be eligible for. In no event shall DIG’s liability exceed the selling price of the product. DIG is not liable for consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages, including but not limited to the labor to inspect, remove or replace products, vegetation loss, loss of energy or water, cost of substitute equipment or services, property damage, loss of use or loss of profits; nor is DIG liable for economic losses, consequential damages or damage to property arising out of installer’s negligence or based on strict liability in tort. The user and/or trade customer agrees to the limitations and exclusions of liability of this warranty by purchase or use of DIG products. . No representative, agent, distributor or other person has the authority to waive, alter, or add to the printed provisions of this warranty, or to make any representation of warranty not contained here.

Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or of implied warranties. Therefore, some of the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you.

This warranty on LEIT products is given expressly and in place of all other expressed or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, and this warranty is the only warranty on LEIT products line made by DIG Corp