DIG announces the international release of a new, battery-free, hose-end tap timer powered only by ambient light.


DIG has commenced domestic and international shipping of the EVO100I with BSP thread and the EVO100 with hose thread, a light–powered, earth-friendly self-contained, hose end irrigation timer. This unique, innovative product utilizes DIG’s patented solar energy management system that collects and stores light energy, eliminating the need to install or replace batteries of any kind.

Since no direct sunlight is required, the timers can be installed on tap in almost any outdoor location. “The EVO100I and the EVO100 have all the benefits of battery operated controllers, but none of the disadvantages”, says Stuart Spaulding, DIG Customer Service Manager. “One of the most popular features is that this model never has to be re-programmed due to loss of power like depleted batteries”, says Spaulding, “and users also find the simple, icon based programming very easy to follow”.

The EVO100I and the EVO100 also includes several water saving features like a rain or moisture sensor connection, a rain delay mode, and a variety of frequency options including specific days of the week (with up to 4 start times per day) and cyclical watering from once every 1 to 30 days. The two models with BSP or FHT threads, features a quick release swivel inlet fitting to simplify installation in close quarters.

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DIG, founded in 1980, is a leading provider and manufacturer of high quality, low-volume irrigation products. Based in Vista, California, USA, the company is dedicated to producing durable, high efficiency, environmentally sustainable irrigation products that exceed the needs and requirements of customers around the globe.