Universal Nut-Lock Fittings


Universal Nut-Lock Fittings

Universal Nut-Lock Fittings

DIG’s Universal Nut-Lock Drip Fittings are used to connect drip tubing and dripline with dimensions from 1/2” to 5/8” or .530 ID, .600 ID and .620 ID. They can be used to connect two different sizes of drip tubing, providing a simple solution when there is no clear information about the drip tubing or dripline size used.

Used by both home gardeners and professionals, the Universal Nut-Lock Drip Fittings are made of high-impact plastic for the connection of various sized drip irrigation tubing and dripline. Using a double barb, two pieces of dripline or drip tubing can be connected by inserting the fitting nuts over the drip tubing or dripline, then pushing the drip tubing or dripline over the barbed sides of the fitting, and finally threading the nuts over the drip tubing or dripline for a very tight grip.


  • Made of high-impact, high-strength, UV-resistant plastic for extended operation in harsh conditions
  • Fits .530 ID, .600 ID and .620 ID drip tubing, and dripline (16 mm and 17 mm)
  • Three-part construction including a threaded nut, barb assembly and housing with male thread
  • Threaded nut for easy assembly
  • Available in three different configurations including coupling, tee,  and elbow
  • Resistant to common fertilizers used in residential and commercial applications


How to Order
DUE 1/2 in. Universal Nut-Lock Elbow
Connects any two sizes of 1/2" tubing (.530, .600 and .620 ID)
DUT 1/2 in. Universal Nut-Lock Tee
Connects any three sizes of 1/2" tubing (.530, .600 and .620 ID)
DUC 1/2 in. Universal Nut-Lock Coupling
Connects any two sizes of 1/2" tubing (.530, .600 and .620 ID)


  • Operating pressure: up to 60 PSI
  • Color: brown/black
  • Use with 1/2” to 5/8” drip tubing or dripline
  • Material:
    • Body and nut: polypropylene
    • Barb: PBT
  • DIG Universal Nut-Lock Tee Installation
  • DIG Universal Nut-Lock Coupling Installation
  • DIG Universal Nut-Lock Elbow Installation


The Universal Nut-Lock Drip Fittings provide a simple, low-cost method for the installation of dripline and drip tubing. Using the double barbed fittings, dripline or drip tubing is pushed over the barbs for a very tight fit.

The Universal Nut-Lock drip fittings are made from high-impact plastic material to withstand any installation application. They are available to fit various sizes of drip tubing and dripline from 1/2” to 5/8”, providing a simple solution when connecting two ends of drip irrigation tubing or dripline that are not the same size. The fittings use an assembly configuration that includes a barb, a nut with female thread and a male thread adapter to connect different sizes of drip tubing and dripline. They hold the drip tubing or dripline from the inside with the barb and from the outside with a compression-type threaded nut.

To connect any two sizes of poly drip tubing with .530 ID, .600 ID or .620 ID, use the following steps:

Installation Steps

G77AS-installation-Step1Before attaching the drip tubing or dripline, ensure that the nut is threaded towards the center of the fitting. Once the nut is in position, push the tubing over the barb until it fits snugly.

G77AS-installation-Step2To firmly secure the drip tubing or dripline, thread the nut in a clockwise direction until it is tight.

G77AS-installation-Step3To detach the tubing, turn the nut counterclockwise. Then wiggle the tubing until it slides out of the barb.

Why use DIG’s Universal Nut-Lock Fittings?

DIG’s drip irrigation Universal Nut-Lock fittings are designed to connect and secure drip irrigation tubing and emitters in place, and they offer several benefits:

  1. Universal compatibility: Universal Nut-Lock fittings work with all standard drip irrigation tubing and emitters, making them a versatile solution for any drip irrigation system..
  2. Easy installation: These fittings can be installed quickly and easily without requiring any special tools or skills. Simply push the tubing into the fitting and hand-tighten the nut to secure it in place.
  3. Strong hold: The nut lock design provides a secure, leak-free connection that is resistant to vibration and movement, ensuring that the system stays in place even in challenging conditions.
  4. Versatility: DIG’s Universal Nut-Lock fittings are available in a variety of configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of drip irrigation applications, including residential, commercial, and agricultural systems.
  5. Reusability: These fittings can be easily removed and reinstalled, making it easy to modify or expand a drip irrigation system as needed.

In terms of usage, DIG’s Universal Nut-Lock fittings are commonly used in drip irrigation systems to connect tubing and emitters and to create custom configurations. They can be used to connect tubing to a water source or to create branching lines for multiple emitters. They can also be used to create custom lengths of tubing or to connect different types of tubing together.

Overall, Universal Nut-Lock fittings provide a simple, reliable, and versatile solution for connecting and securing drip irrigation tubing and emitters, making them an essential component of any drip irrigation system.