70-007 modular Mounting Bracket

Dig's Modular Vertical Garden Wall Mounting Brackets are designed to attach to any structure and are easily expanded by attaching additional mounting brackets that are secured to each other using a unique self-lock system.


  • Convenient and durable; allow the pots to be easily hung and removed from the wall
  • Unique design with simple self-lock position that allows for quick and easy system installation and expansion
  • Provide an open area between the pots and the wall, supporting protection from moisture and preventing discoloration of the exposed wall.
  • Can be connected in a wide range of patterns with a vertical or horizontal layout for any pattern desired


70-007 modular Mounting Bracket
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Model Description


  • Modular wall mounting bracket: 7" (17.8 cm) Width x .7" (1.8 cm) Depth x 4.5" (11.4 cm) Height
  • Wall mounting bracket color: black
  • Screw size: # 8 x 3/4" length x 4
  • Wall mounting bracket weight: .121 lbs. (0.055 kg)
  • Mounting start from the left side
  • Spacing: between 12" to 18" (30 to 45 cm) of each level.


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70-007 modular Mounting Bracket

Location is important in growing a Living Wall™ vertical garden. Growing on a vertical surface means that the amount of full sunlight may be restricted. Review the location and planting type that should be planted in the selected location. Also, think about where your water source will be and how easily you can connect to the water supply line.

Determine what pattern you want to create and mount the wall mounting brackets accordingly. Due to the wall mounting bracket modular design, for best results and easy installation, start from the left side and keep a space of between 12" to 18" (30 to 45 cm) between each level.

Once you have determined where your first wall mounting bracket is to be located, hold it against the wall and get it level. It is most important that you get it level if you are going to add more brackets, because a small level error may magnify as the line of wall mounting brackets grows longer. We recommend using a minimum of two screws per each mounting bracket and to utilize the two holes at the top, on the left and right of the DIG logo (see illustration). Each mounting bracket has eight holes but no more than two to four screws are needed. Use a screwdriver to mount the first bracket to the wall or structure using the screws provided.

If attaching to a solid wall made of brick or concrete, use a masonry bit to drill the holes.

Once a single wall mounting bracket is mounted, place an additional bracket and secure it to the first one, then continue mounting all other mounting brackets using the same method.

Please let us know if these instructions were helpful to you by liking it or providing feedback below.

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