4-Outlet PC Drip Manifold


4-Outlet PC Drip Manifold

4-Outlet PC Drip Manifold

DIG’s 4 outlet PC drip manifold with a built-in anti-leak mechanism is used to water multiple plants from a single 1/2″ male threaded riser using ¼” micro tubing or dripline. Available in 2 flow rates, the unique design ensures uniform distribution at pressure range of 15 to 60 PSI, stopping water drainage after the system valve closes and pressure drops below 3.5 PSI. Use the 4 ports manifold to convert a 1/2″ sprinkler riser into a four-outlet drip irrigation system without altering the flow of the sprinkler zone. It connects to ¼” micro tubing or ¼” dripline to efficiently irrigate a wide variety of plants and trees.


  • Use for benches, boxes, large pots and for retrofit drip irrigation installation
  • Attach to ¼” micro tubing or ¼” drip line with 0.150” ID to 0.170” ID
  • ½” 90-degree FPT body for better protection of the outlet barbs
  • Large water passages with rolling diaphragm allows debris to pass through without clogging
  • Pressure-compensating for uniform water distribution from each outlet
  • Built in anti-drain valve eliminates drainage after valve is closed
  • Each barb outlet features a protective sleeve for longevity of the micro tubing connection
  • The barb sleeve prevents blow off, allowing for easier removal of the micro tubing
  • Built in easy to clean micro filter, provides protection from debris
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Available in 6 GPH (black) and 10 GPH (red) per outlet
  • Robust materials, UV protected to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Install above grade or place below grade in a 6” emitter box
  • Color coded body for easy flow rate identification
  • The elbow can be sealed and closed with ¾” FHT cap


How to Order
APC4-6 4-Outlet PC Drip emitter manifold with anti-leak mechanism - 6 GPH per outlet
APC4-10 4-Outlet PC Drip emitter manifold with anti-leak mechanism - 10 GPH per outlet


  • Flow rates: 6, 10 GPH per outlet
  • Operating pressure: 15-60 PSI
  • Temperature range: up to 122°F (50°C)
  • Inlet size: 1/2" FNPT
  • Outlet size: 4 protected 1/4" barbs
  • Shut-off (Closing) Pressure: 3.5 PSI
  • Filter screen with 60 mesh included
  • Minimum Filtration: 60 mesh
  • Materials: high impact plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.3" W x 1.3" H
  • Weight: 1.04 ounce
  • 4-Outlet PC Drip Manifold Installation

About DIG Four Port Drip Irrigation Manifold

The DIG APC4-6 and APC4-10 Four-Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifolds are designed for both new and existing irrigation systems. They efficiently convert a ½” sprinkler riser into a drip irrigation manifold, reducing water usage by 50% to 70% compared to traditional sprinkler systems. By targeting the root zone area of plants, these manifolds reduce issues such as pests, weed growth, evaporation, and runoff, resulting in more effective use of water.

The four-port irrigation manifold ensures even water distribution and is particularly recommended for watering individual shrubs, roses, or small trees. It is installed using 1/4″ micro tubing and support stakes, which secure the micro tubing near the plants. This manifold can be used to cover individual plants or closely spaced groups of plants with a length of ¼” micro dripline.

The versatile four-port irrigation manifold is suitable for various landscape gardens and can be incorporated into existing short-range watering cycles used with spray heads for most watering applications.

To maximize the effectiveness of drip irrigation, it is advisable to water early in the morning before temperatures rise. This allows any excess moisture on leaves and topsoil to dry, minimizing the risk of fungal and other diseases. Over-watering is a common cause of plant death, so utilizing drip irrigation helps maintain healthier plants by delivering water directly to the root zone, precisely where and when it is needed. For established plantings, deep and infrequent watering is recommended, as it promotes deeper root growth and strengthens overall plant health.

Installation suggestions: Converting a ½” sprinkler riser to a water-saving drip irrigation system involves a few simple steps. We recommend using the four-port irrigation manifold in an area where the plants are in close proximity to the sprinkler riser. For easier maintenance, it is advisable to use shorter lengths of micro tubing, preferably not exceeding six to eight feet from the riser. If you add a ¼” dripline, do not exceed a length of 6 feet with a flow rate of 6 gallons per hour (GPH) or 10 feet with a flow rate of 10 GPH.

  1. Remove the ½” sprinkler from the riser.
  2. Turn on the water to flush the line, then shut off the water and attach the 6-GPH or 10-GPH multi-outlet drip irrigation manifold to the riser.
  3. From each outlet of the manifold, extend 1/4″ micro tubing to the designated plant areas (models B38P for 50′ and B38100P for 100′). At this point, you have several installation options:
    • Option 1: Secure the end of the micro tubing with a stake (model P35B with a pack of 10). This option allows for a flow rate of 6 GPH or 10 GPH from each outlet.
    • Option 2: Insert a 1/4″ tee (model H82A, pack of 10) to the end of the micro tubing. From the tee, extend another section of ¼” micro tubing and add an additional ¼” tee. Connect a micro tubing to the plant and add a 1 GPH or 2 GPH dripper, securing it with a stake (model P35B).
    • Option 3: Insert a 1/4″ barb (model H80A, pack of 5) to the end of the micro tubing. Connect a 1/4″ drip line (model SH50, 50′ with a .5 GPH drip emitter every 12″, or SHB100 with 6″ spacing) or a soaker hose (model PSH50) to the barb. Loop the drip line or soaker hose around the plant to provide a larger wetted area for the plant canopy and achieve even water distribution from each of the four outlets. This option allows for five to six feet of drip line or soaker hose per each outlet with a flow rate of 6 GPH.
  4. Turn on the water and thoroughly check the system to ensure that all outlets are functioning correctly and that the location of each outlet meets your watering requirements.