1/4" Misting Line Tubing

DIG ¼” Ocean Breeze® flexible pipe line is extruded from commercial grade vinyl resin in lengths of 50’ and 100’. The flexible and relatively soft misting pipe line is used as the water supply line in the installation of the Ocean Breeze® Evaporative Mist system, into which ¼” fittings and foggers are combined to deliver a pleasant, cooling mist. The flexible pipe line is manufactured with concentrated UV inhibitor to protect the finished product from thermal degradation, making it resistant to heat, cracking, ultraviolet stress and chemicals. Used in systems with pressures of up to 80 PSI.


  • Convenient 50’ and 100’ lengths
  • Contains a minimum of 2% concentrated UV inhibitor to protect the flexible pipe line from thermal degradation
  • Use with our wide range of DIG 1/4" beige barbed fittings
  • Hang at a height of 8 to 12’ above the ground for best results
  • Softer, more flexible and easier to use than the 3/8” flexible pipe line
  • Can be used with other manufacturers’ brands of barbed foggers
  • DIG outdoor evaporative misting cooling pipe line is made in the USA


1/4" Misting Line Tubing
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1/4 in. components
OB08 50 ft. 1/4 in. Flexible Misting Line OB08

Product Specifications:

  • Operating pressure: up to 80 PSI
  • Available coils lengths: 50' and 100'
  • Bending radius: 10"
  • Color: beige
  • Size: 1/4", 156 ID x .245 OD (.50 wall thickness)
  • Material: vinyl

how to use

1/4" Misting Line Tubing

About the tubing line

The flexible pipe line can be operate under pressure normally found in homes, without the need for expensive pumps, clamps or glue. The 1/4” flexible and relatively soft tubing line is generally used as the main lateral or the supply line in outdoor misting systems installation in residential applications. The 1/4” pipe should be installed 8 feet or higher above the ground for the best result.

To create your own microclimate, follow these instructions to install the tubing line.

  1. Lay out the flexible tubing line at a height of 8' or higher and use 1/4" “C” clamps every 2' to 5' to secure the flexible tubing line to the structure.
  2. At the location where the first fogger is to be placed, add a 1/4" barbed tee at a 90° to 120° angle to the ground and to the tee add a 2 to " of additional 1/4" flexible tubing line
  3. Insert the barbed end of the fogger into the end of the flexible tubing line. Continue using the same method to install each of the remaining foggers you have.
  4. Turn the water on to flush the line and then use a plug to close the end.
  5. Turn the water on again and test the system making sure that each fogger is operating correctly.
  6. To automate the system, install a misting timer that can operate for a limited time through the day for a short cycle, such as every 2 to 5 minutes for 30 to 50 seconds.

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