Strong Injectors™

Strong Injectors, a division of Strong Enterprises, welcomes your interest in the patented, professional grade, award-winning, Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® automatic proportioning fertilizer injectors. Sizes range from a small pint unit that can be attached directly to a hose bib or garden valve, all the way up to a 5 gallon capacity injector. There are over 165,000 injectors already being used by people just like you, people who understand the benefits of fertigation. Strong Injectors has received the prestigious AE50 award four (4) times from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers for outstanding innovation in product design. Add-It® fertilizer injectors have also been featured in Sunset magazine, seen on HGTV’s - Gardening by the Yard, and is member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® make fertilizing easy! The injectors have been designed specifically for use with drip irrigation systems, but work equally well on conventional sprinkler irrigation systems. They will save both time and money.  They are of particular benefit to those who use drip and sub-surface irrigation, because an injector is the only means of fertilizing easily, efficiently and economically. If utilizing a drip irrigation system in order to conserve water as well as save time, no longer can you broadcast dry granular fertilizer to the soil surface and expect it to be leached into the soil where the plants roots can pick-up the nutrients. Therefore, the fertilizer must be dispensed directly through the drip irrigation system.

As an added benefit, Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® have been designed for use with any brand of liquid fertilizer on the market today, and can also be used with totally water soluble dry fertilizers, such as Scotts Miracle-Gro® or Peters Professional®, Bandini Pro Choice®, or Grow More®, when premixed with water. Over many years, tests have concluded that applying liquid fertilizer on a regular basis is much more beneficial to a plant than being fed infrequently with a dry, granular form of fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is absorbed far more easily by a plants root system, and there are no leftover residues or minerals that can, over a period of prolonged use, damage a plant or lawn. You may also want to consider adding a wetting agent to help breakup compacted soils, compost tea to increase micro-organisms in the soil, micro-nutrients and Vitamin Institute’s SUPERthrive™ containing vitamins and hormones for healthier plants, or vitamin B-1 when transplanting trees and shrubs.

Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® dispense fertilizer and additives at a consistent, predetermined rate, thus eliminating the problem of uneven application. All of our fertilizer injectors are preset at an injector rate of 200:1, 200 parts water to 1 part additive, except for the small pint Add-It® injector which is preset at a ratio of 100:1. This takes all the guess work out of it. The primary advantage of Add-It®, other than its ease of use, is the fact that there is no pressure loss and there are no moving parts to wear out. With the many capacities and configurations Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® are available, it’s easy to understand why there are so many applications in the agricultural, commercial, golf course and residential areas where they can be utilized! The Fertilizer Caddy® can be used as a portable foliar feeder when equipped with hose threads, making it even more versatile! They are available in size from 1½ quart up to a 5 gallon capacity unit.

The Drip Irrigation System Header® can be easily attached to either a hose bib/garden valve or a ¾” anti-siphon valve, enabling the user to connect the poly hose main line of choice, porous pipe, or garden hose with hose-end spray and or sprinkler.

Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® proportioning fertilizer injectors are available through all leading wholesale irrigation supply outlets, or can also be purchased directly from us. Trade discounts are available.

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