What does it take to transform four dry, dusty, barren plots into a thriving water-wise educational oasis?

To get an answer to that question, just ask C. J. Writer, a local boy scout who can now show and tell you all about it after completing his Eagle Scout project at the Lenain Water Treatment Facility in Anaheim CA.

The project consists of 4 mounded 27′ x 44′ plots arranged in a quadrangle with a circular concrete center and perpendicular pathways. Each bed was irrigated by a separate remote control AC valve and sprinkler system. C. J.’s job was not to just convert these spray systems over to more efficient drip irrigation systems, but to also test, amend and prep the soil, rough and finish grade the areas, construct the bio-swales and stepping stones, and install and label all the plants and trees.

It’s a lot of hard work, but after over 14 months of planning, digging, consulting, organizing, scheduling, and with help from his friends, troop members, family, the City of Anaheim, the Lions Club, and donations from DIG, Home Depot and other local companies, the project was finally finished and celebrated with a grand opening on Saturday 8/13/2016.

  • DIG provided consultation and construction guidance, donated 2,500 feet of PC drip-line and related installation materials, and produced irrigation plans for the four systems.
  • Landscape plans were designed by the City of Anaheim Landscape Architect
  • The four gardens each highlight different plants and ecosystems; they are the hummingbird, succulents, edibles, and California natives.
  • The Lenain water treatment plant sits at the base of the Walnut Canyon Reservoir & provides most of the potable water for the City of Anaheim. It is capable of pumping up to 10 million gallons of water per