LEIT 4000 SOFTWARE UPDATE : V1.23 (2013.12.16)

Download Printable Instructions (pdf)

1st Time Users: Before connecting your PC to the LEIT 4000 please install the 4000 USB Drivers below.

Driver Installation Instructions
  • Download and unzip the 4000 USB Drivers
  • Open up the unzipped LEIT 4000 USB Drivers folder.
  • For Windows 2000 computers, double-click to run the LEIT 4000 USB Drivers W2K.exe file.
  • For all other supported version of Windows, double-click to run the LEIT 4000 USB Drivers.exe file.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: you must have Administrator privileges to install the new drivers on your computer.
  • For Windows 7 computers, right click on the LEIT 4000 USB Drivers.exe file and select Run as Administrator.
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