LEIT-2ET Control System

LEIT-2ET system is designed to monitor, control and adjust irrigation schedules for each zone through the weather data that is received by the on-site weather station . The LEIT-2ET epitomizes a true wireless control system. The system operates by using ambient light (solar) power that charges lead-free super capacitors, not batteries, making it one of the most environmentally friendly controllers on the market.

    Controller Features
  • Environmentally friendly- RoHS compliant components
  • Waterproof, IP68 compliance
  • Weather-resistant. Built from tough,
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  • rugged material to withstand harsh
  • environmental conditions
  • PVM and microelectronic
  • management system fueled via ambient (solar) light. Efficient photovoltaic module (PVM) energized
  • by ambient light (solar) powers a high efficiency microelectronic management system
  • Operates up to 2 stations and a rain sensor
  • Compatible with Unimax S-305DC solenoids
  • Unique Client ID identity code for controller and handset
  • Information transmitted from the weather station sensors or LEIT RC2ET handset is used to override or adjust daily scheduled irrigation programs
  • Utilizes ISM band radio frequency band (915MHz NA, 866.5MHz Hong Kong, 868MHz International) CE, IC, FCC certified, Australia and Hong Kong compliant
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity
  • Program stacking feature prevents hydraulic overload
  • Custom station grouping allows controller to operate the two stations simultaneously if hydraulic limitations are not exceeded
  • Available with 18" (45 cm) color-coded 16 gauge wires for each valve and rain sensor
  • 3 mounting configurations including green, tan and purple valve box mounts, direct-to-valve clip mounting and column mounting with 25" (63 cm) or 50" (127 cm) mounting columns
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
    Handset Features
  • Simple, icon-based programming
  • Programs the LEIT-2ET controller,
  • reviews status information, updates ET information, checks history reports, adjusts budgeting, programs rain delays and performs manual
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  • run or tests
  • Environmentally friendly - RoHS
  • compliant components
    Weather Station Features
  • Weather data transmitted is stored by the controllers and is reviewable by the LEIT RC2ET handsets
  • Self-emptying tipping bucket rain gauge reads rainfall in 0.01 inch (.254 mm international) increments
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  • The LEIT WWS and WWSE weather stations advise LEIT ET controllers to completely stop irrigation in extreme weather conditions (except WWSE)
  • Controller setting allows the LEIT WWS and WWSE weather stations to completely stop irrigation in extreme weather conditions)


LEIT-2ET Control System
how to specify
Model Description
LEIT 2ET system controller
LEIT-2ET USA, Canada, Australia & Japan
LEIT-2ET-I Europe & South Korea
LEIT-2ET-H Hong Kong, Singapore & Macau
LEIT 2ET weather station
LEIT WWSE-I Europe & South Korea
LEIT WWSE-H Hong Kong, Singapore & Macau
LEIT WWS USA, Canada, Australia & Japan
LEIT WWS-I Europe & South Korea
LEIT WWSE USA, Canada, Australia & Japan
LEIT 2ET weather station with wind sensor
LEIT WWS-H Hong Kong, Singapore & Macau
LEIT RC2ET remote control handset
LEIT-RC2ET-A Australia
LEIT-RC2ET USA, Canada & Japan
LEIT-RC2ET-I Europe & South Korea
LEIT-RC2ET-H Hong Kong, Singapore & Macau
    Programming Features
  • 2 independent programs with 4 start times per program
  • Scheduled watering times run from 1 minute to 5 hours and 59 minutes duration
  • 365-day calendar with leap year
  • Custom programming with 7-day calendar or intervals from 1-39 days, odd, even or every day rotation
  • Rain delay of up to 99 days with auto-restart
  • Monthly "Off" feature allows controller to be inactive any month of the year
  • Permanent Event "Off" feature allows for 3 inactive days per year
  • Water budgeting from 10-200% in 10% increments
  • Site or zone information input into each valve when ET is active
  • ET editing feature can be used to adjust ET value
  • Individual monthly water budgeting from 10-200% in 10% increments
  • History Report provides information on valve run times, rain measurements for previous and current week and month, ET savings in percentage and total time saved
  • Manual Test and Manual Run performed via the RC2ET handset
  • Global Stop command turns off all valves with the same Client ID within radio range
  • Wind sensor setting can be set to shut down any controller within range if wind exceeds speeds of 8-25 miles per hour (12.9-40 Km/h) and using Spray, Rotor, or Microsprinker irrigation
    Controller specifications
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)
  • Controller wire gauge: 16 AWG
  • Wireless transmitter power and frequency specifications: -7 dBm @ 920 MHz / 7 dBm @ 868 MHz / -7 dBm @ 866 MHz
  • Rain sensor connection: normally closed
  • Requires S-305DC solenoid (For ordering information see page 55.)
    Remote control handset specifications
  • Remote handset input: 12-volt DC
  • Power supply: rechargeable3.6V Ni/MH
  • Wireless transmitter power andfrequency specifications:-7 dBm @ 920 MHz /7 dBm @ 868 MHz / -7 dBm @ 866 MHz
    Weather station sensor specifications
  • Humidity range and resolution: 1-99%(100% inches Hg)
  • Relative humidity accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Temperature resolution and accuracy:-40°F to +170°F (-40°C to +77°C) +/- 1%
  • Wind speed resolution and accuracy: 0MPH (KPH) to 30 MPH (49 KPH) +/- 1%
  • Rainfall resolution and accuracy: .01 inches accuracy +/- 2% @ 2" per hour
    Controller dimensions
  • 3" W x 5.5" L including antenna(7.62 cm W x 13.97 cm L
    Handset dimensions
  • 2.25" W x 5.5" L including antenna (5.72 cm W x 13.97 cm L)
    Weather station dimensions & connections
  • Weather station size: 6.07" W x 9.5" H x 13.65" D (15.42 cm W x 24.13 cm H x 34.67 cm D)
  • Mounting connection: 1"x12" mounting column and integrated clamp with two screws
    Controller electrical specifications
  • Controller power requirements for normal operation: minimum of 3,000 Lux
  • Controller input: 3,000 -100,000+ Lux
  • Controller output: 9-volt DC pulse
  • Controller station capacity: one 7-9 volt DC pulse, two-way magnetic latching solenoid per each set of red and white wires
    Weather station technical specifications
  • Wireless transmitter power and frequency specifications: -7 dBm @ 920 MHz / 7 dBm @ 868 MHz / -7 dBm @ 866 MHz
  • Operating temperature: 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)




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    LEIT-2ET Technical Specifications

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