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Drip Irrigation & Micro Sprinkler Kits

DIG's drip irrigation kits, micro sprinkler kits, and retrofit drip kits are the perfect way to familiarize you with the advantages of low volume watering. Utilizing an assortment of products to accommodate nearly any layout, our drip irrigation, micro sprinkler, retrofit drip kits contain all the necessary parts to get a project started from a faucet, ½ in. riser, ¾ in. pipe or from the end of a garden hose. Easy to install and expand, DIG’s kits can be automated by adding one of our hose end timers or battery operated controllers.

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Perfect timing for your plants
without the wires.

The ECO1™ is a solar powered, easy-to-install irrigation timer that saves you time, money and water. The ECO1 doesn't require electrical wires or batteries to operate and its patented ambient light technology is so advanced that it doesn't need direct sunlight. In fact, it can generate enough power in a cloudy day as well as from dim, ambient light to stay charged and continue working for you and your thirsty plants. The ECO1 uses SimpleSmart™ technology that automatically adjusts daily watering schedules to help eliminate over or under watering, ensuring a healthy landscape.
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