Riser Conversion Elbow

The Q59, ½” FNPT x ¾” MHT Conversion Elbow is constructed of molded ultraviolet-resistant high impact plastic. The Conversion Elbow allows a ½” sprinkler riser to serve as the point of connection from the water supply to ½” drip tubing or to ¼” micro tubing for a complete drip irrigation layout starting from a ½” riser.


  • Converts ½” male pipe thread to hose thread connections
  • Allows the start of a drip irrigation system from any sprinkler riser
  • Simple and easy solution for starting a drip irrigation system
  • Provides flexibility in converting pipe thread to hose thread
  • Made with high impact UV-resistant plastic
  • High-strength plastic construction for durability and long life


Riser Conversion Elbow
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Q59 Conversion Elbow
Attach to a 1/2" riser to adapt to 3/4" hose thread

Product specifications

  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 100 PSI
  • Size: ½” FNPT x ¾” FHT
  • Temperature range: up to 130 degree F
  • Materials: high impact plastic

how to use

Riser Conversion Elbow


The ½” female pipe thread x ¾” male hose thread Conversion Elbow is a simple and economical part used to convert a ½” sprinkler riser to a ¾” hose thread so that other components with hose thread can be used to start a drip irrigation installation.
Starting a drip system from an existing 1/2” riser
1. First, unscrew the sprinkler head from the riser.
2. Attach the ½” FPT x ¾” MHT conversion elbow to the riser.
3. Connect a 25 PSI preset pressure regulator with hose thread (model D46) to the conversion elbow.
4. To the pressure regulator connect a 3/4” swivel adapter (model C34). Use the ¾” adapter to connect to 1/2” drip tubing.
5. Secure the drip tubing to the ground using the tubing holder stake (model R60) and keep the end of the line open.
6. When combining drip irrigation with an existing sprinkler system, be sure to use a high flow drip emitter such as 4 GPH (model B224B) or adjustable drip emitters (BA1B, B10B) with flow rates of 0-10 GPH.
7. When the installation is completed, turn the valve on and flush the line. Then close off the end of the drip tubing with end cap (model Q58) or figure “8” hose end (model F68B).

NOTE: When connecting drip irrigation components make sure to use the correct threads. Do not mix hose and pipe threads, as they will leak

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