Drip System Flag Indicator

DIG’s 8” Pop-Up Flag Indicator provides visual confirmation from a distance that your drip irrigation system is operating. The 8” Pop-Up Flag Indicator has a large red indicator that “pops up” when the irrigation system is open and fully pressurized. The 8” Pop-Up Flag Indicator is available with ¼” barbed outlet to connect into ¼” micro tubing.


  • Can be installed directly into PE tubing, drip tubing, or drip line and used for visual confirmation of drip irrigation system operation
  • Ideal for densely planted sites
  • Provides the most common answer to a drip irrigation system query, “Cannot see that the system is working”
  • The red indicator rises up to 7”
  • Secure and easy installation without glue or clamps
  • Large red color indicator is clearly visible from a distance
  • Rugged materials can withstand adverse conditions
  • Unique design incorporates a pressure activated, low friction, upper stem seal, and a second stage piston seal to ensure reliable operation
  • Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
  • The pop up indicator rises at a minimum pressure of 10 PSI


Drip System Flag Indicator
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Model Description
DPFI-8 Drip System Flag Indicator

Product specifications

  • Operating pressure: 10 to 60 PSI
  • Recommended operating pressure: 15 to 35 PSI (25 PSI pressure regulator is recommended)
  • Pop-up indicator height: 8" retracted to additional height of 7" when activated
  • When the pressure drops below 5 psi the pop up indicator retracts back into the base
  • Available model: DPFI-8 Pop-Up Flag Indicator (pack of 1)
  • Materials:
    • Black sleeve: high impact plastic with UV
    • Cylinder: Polyethylene
    • Housing: Acetal
    • O-ring: Buna N
    • Red Flag: high impact plastic with UV
    • Spring: stainless Steel 304

how to use

Drip System Flag Indicator


To minimize the question of “not sure that my drip system is on”, DIG provides a simple solution with the 8” Pop-Up Flag Indicator. Install the 8” Pop-Up Flag Indicator with one per zone at the highest point or in the most easily viewed area in the garden, and when that drip zone is activated it will provide a visual indication that the zone is pressurized and working. The pop up indicator will emit a small amount of water as it rise, to lubricate the piston, and when the system is pressurized, a red indicator cup will be raised to indicate the system is running.

Installation to drip tubing

Mount the pop up in most easily viewed area in the garden, into1/4” micro tubing not to exceeding 2’ to 4’ in length:
1. Cut a length of ¼” micro tubing and connect the end of one side into a ¼” barbed connector (model H80A for pack of 5 or H80B for pack of 50) by forcing and twisting the micro tubing over the barb.
2. Connect the other end of the micro tubing into the ¼” barbed elbow mounted on the lower part of the pop up indicator. The micro tubing is forced over the pop up indicator barbed elbow - no glue is needed (the barbed elbow is press-fit type and it can be removed from the pop up assembly)
3. Punch a hole into the side of the drip tubing and insert the 1/4" barb into the drip tubing.
4. Mount the pop-up indicator about 4”-5” above the ground in a visible area between the plants.

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