Barb Insertion Tool

DIG’s 16-066R Barb Insertion Tool is a heavy-duty device used in drip irrigation to insert a wide range of ¼ in. barbed connectors into ¼ in. micro tubing. The Barb Insertion Tool features an easy to hold handle with a large gripper to hold the micro tubing. To use, insert the barb into the holder chamber, grip the micro tubing and squeeze the handle to firmly insert the barb into the micro tubing.


  • Use to insert ¼ in. barbs and button drip emitters into ¼ in. poly or vinyl micro tubing
  • Heavy duty construction for repeated use in a micro tubing and barb assembly
  • Easy grip and insertion using a large handle
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, high impact plastic
  • Can help prevent repetitive motion injury when inserting a large number of barbs


Barb Insertion Tool
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Model Description
16-066R Barb insertion tool

Product specifications

  • Fits micro tubing with .250 to .300 OD
  • Hold ¼ in. barb fittings

how to use

Barb Insertion Tool


The Barb Insertion Tool is used in the layout and installation of a micro irrigation system. The ¼ in. Barb Insertion Tool is a specialty tool used to insert ¼ in. barbed fittings into ¼ in. micro tubing.

Installation steps:

  1. Hold the tip of the barb on the end of the ¼ in. micro tubing
  2. Insert the barb into the tool chamber and squeeze the handle firmly to insert

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